Do you Suffer from Scar Tissue Adhesions?

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Scar tissue Therapy

Scar Tissue Therapy in Rochester Hills

Rapid Release Therapy is a Breakthrough in Therapeutic Technology

Many types of chronic pain have been identified, however many with chronic pain do not have a clinical diagnosis from a qualified doctor. Scar tissue is frequently the culprit in this un-diagnosed pain. Scar Tissue forms in the body as a temporary patching mechanism for wounds caused by surgery,trauma or repetitive stress. Scar Tissue that connects tissues that are normally not connected are called adhesions. Adhesions can spread, entrapping nerves, causing pain or numbness and limiting range of motion. Un-diagnosed pain and restricted mobility are likely to be caused by these scar tissue adhesions.

Scar Tissue Therapy is focused on relief of soft tissue problems

These soft tissue problems affect Nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Some condition caused by scarring of soft tissue are:

- Sciatica - Carpal Tunnel Synrome - Back, Shoulder and Ankle Pain
- Fibromyalgia - Contractures, Neuromas
- Plantar Fasciaitis - Restricted Range of Motion
- Tennis Elbow - Numbness / Pins and Needles
- TMJ - Sprains and Strains
-Tendonitis - Post Workout Repair

Scar Tissue Therapy | RRT Pro

Rapid Release Technology targets painful adhesions using resonance. RRT has determined the optimum frequency for maximum effectiveness. This frequency also triggers the Tonic Vibration Reflex or TVR. This frequency is well known to instantly relax muscle guarding cramps and spasms. RRT is unique that it operates many times faster than other therapeutic devices, and it feels great too.

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Whos Using Rapid Release Technology?

You would be surprised to find out whos using Rapid Release Technology as part of their overall strength and conditioning program. Most notably this year the NHL Stanley Cup winning Chicago Black Hawks reported using the RRT as part of their exercise and conditioning program helping their player to get through the long injury prone season on top!

American Pharaoh- the first horse to win the allusive Triple Crown in 37 years utilized the RRT Pro in their teams training program that led up to the Triple Crown hunt in early 2015.

Here is a short video from NFL great Terry Bradshaw Discussing the benefits of Rapid Release Technology.

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