Neck Pain

Are you Suffering from Neck Pain? The first step is to find out Why?

Your cervical spine , more commonly referred to as your neck is one our more vulnerable body parts as humans. Our cervical Spine is comprised of 7 uniquely shaped vertebra that allow our head to have wide range of motion in every direction. Your neck serves as a positioner of your head. Under normal circumstances your head is balanced in a neutral position directly over your shoulders allowing for a natural backwards curve. This Proper curve allows for even distribution of weight on the facet joints that glide across each other. Any changes in the natural biomechanics of the neck can cause irritation to the joints of the neck and around the nerve roots that arise from in between the joints of the neck. Anytime the head is positioned forward of the body i.e working on a computer or looking down for prolonged periods of time can wreak havock on the musculature and underlying soft tissues in the neck.

The cervical spine becomes the area of concern for many not seemingly related symptoms.Because all nerves from the brain to the body pass through your neck, any joint dysfunction can present as a completely different symptom. Headaches, face pain, upper back pain, and pain radiating into the arms can all be caused by untreated cervical spine conditions.

Most common neck related issues seen at our office

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