Melissa Giddings

2 Months ago

I have been treated by Dr. Aric for over a year in Maryland and I am sad to see him go. I have had severe insomnia for years during which I tried everything - medications, supplements, acupuncture, etc. After he adjusted me the very first time I was able to sleep through the night for 5 days, a record! His adjustments have profoundly improved my quality of life - they have allowed me to sleep soundly for the first time in years and given me my health and my sanity back. I've even been able to lose 38Lbs in part because of the improvement in my sleep. Thank you Dr. Aric!

Aryn Robinson

2 Months Ago

I've been seeing Dr. Aric in Maryland for about a year. I'm sorry I didn't find him sooner and even more upset to see him leave. Being treated by Dr. Aric has helped me reduce my migraine headache frequency, increase my flexibility and upgrade my overall health. He adjusts from the top of my neck down to my toes. He is very thorough and makes sure I always leave the office feeling better. I recommend Dr. Aric Adlam to everyone! Rochester Hills is lucky to have him back. If I'm ever travelling close to his new office, I will definitely make an appointment!!!

Jeffrey Hill

2 months ago

I have been treated by Dr. Aric Adlam and his team over the last year in Maryland. I was involved in an accident during a race on a motorcycle in which I landed on my head and 3 months later I had a bulged disk between L4 and L5. Dr. Aric along with his team was able to get me back to health with out pain or surgery. He is not just a great doctor but a good person as well. Thank you and you will be missed, I hope all goes well in Michigan.

Jessica Estrogano

2 months ago
Rochester Hills is SO LUCKY to have Dr. Aric! Here’s my story… I was told by a medical doctor that I needed to have spinal surgery to correct bulging discs and other issues, but I didn’t want to have an invasive procedure if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Some friends suggested that I see a chiropractor and that’s how I met Dr. Aric. During my first visit, Dr. Aric told me he felt confident that, if I followed his treatment plan, I would be able to avoid surgery – and he was right. The immediate relief I felt after just one visit was amazing and, while I don’t have regular pain anymore, I continue my maintenance care. I do fighting-style workouts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, yoga, and run, and Dr. Aric is the reason I’m able to do it all. He’s also the reason I’m able to sit at a desk for work, sometimes for hours on end, without pain. I work better, I perform better, I sleep better, my mood is more level, and I rarely get headaches or sick. He showed me how I should set up my work desk and introduced me to a pillow that’s changed my life. Dr. Aric treated not only the pain that brought me to him, but my entire body. About three years before meeting Dr. Aric, I went to physical therapy for several months to rehabilitate an ankle injury and it never really got better and I accepted that. Dr. Aric’s feet and ankle adjustments make my ankles and feet feel “right” again. He’s even released my sinuses. Dr. Aric truly cares about each of his patients and it’s worth saying that some of us cried when we learned he was leaving. I’m very sad to see Dr. Aric go, but so happy that he gets to help another community.

Rikki Webber

2 months ago

Dr. Aric Adlam has been my Chiropractic Doctor over the course of a year and a half. I am so proud to write a recommendation on his behalf, as I have proudly served in the U.S. Army Reserve for over ten years. I have both deployed and mobilized, and my physical body has suffered because of these deployments. Dr. Aric Adlam has made my quality of life/work life balance so much better with his very extensive treatment plan, as well as his initiate ability to not only properly diagnosis my physical ailments; but to treat them within the upmost professional manner which ultimately has alleviated my ailments. I can now perform better as a Soldier and do a better job with all of my Warrior Tasks and responsibilities. More so, I am impressed that Dr. Aric Adlam has taken the time to identify chronic pain and illness as it pertains to that of the Military; he is actively engaged in numerous programs in which he is providing free medical care for Veterans. Thank you Dr. Aric Adlam!

Dorothy M.

2 months ago

Maryland's loss is Michigan's gain as Dr. Aric opens his practice in Rochester Hills. Dr. Aric is fantastic and was a huge asset to the Chiropractic office here in MD and will be greatly missed! He has seriously helped me with several back issues and I am sad to see him go...so is my spine. You will not be sorry when you entrust your chiropractic care to Dr. Aric - he will help you and make you feel great!

Mikel Murphy

2 months ago
Let me be the first to say that Michigan is gaining a first-class, well-trained, intuitive chiropractor as he leaves us in Maryland. For the past year-and-a-half, I have marveled at this young doctor, Aric's, innate skill and ability to detect from my body's stature exactly where in my skeletal structure the pain is located. He places his hands on those areas and goes directly to work. Although I might arrive stooped over, I leave his clinic standing straight up and without the pain and stress I was experiencing before. Take advantage of the benefit you have been granted as Dr. Aric Adlam begins his new practice in Rochester Hills. If you do, I am certain it will be the beginning of an extended and valuable relationship with a talented young doctor who will continue to thrive and develop as he contributes copiously to your community.

Patricia Bulls

2 months ago
Dr Aric Adlam is the best! I've been using chiropractic care for close to 30 years and Dr Aric is the best! I am from Maryland and Dr Aric took excellent care of me here before moving back to his home town. Sad me and lucky you people of Rochester Hills to gain such a skilled, caring Chiropractor. He takes time to listen and use the best adjustments that have gotten me the best results. I will miss him terribly. If you are wise and want to take the best care of yourself you will make an appointment with Dr. Aric today!

John Victorine

1 month ago

An awesome Dr & person.I had him as my Dr. for about 1 Year-here in Md.. He cares & knows his stuff. You are lucky to get him,there! Good-Luck--- Dr Aric Adlam

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