Laser Therapy in Rochester Hills

Drug-Free, Safe, Non-Invasive Treatment to Promote Healing, Decrease Pain Causing Inflammation and Restore Range of Motion

How can Laser Therapy help me?

After properly diagnosing your condition weather an acute sports injury or a nagging chronic condition, we feel that it is important to present our practice members with a variety of treatment options custom tailored to your individual needs. There are many routes that can be taken when deciding on an appropriate treatment plan. Adding laser therapy to your treatment plan may decrease your healing time and get you back to enjoying life faster.

Laser Therapy in Rochester Hills

How does laser therapy work?

The Most Advanced Pain Relief Technology

Laser Therapy introduces photons in the form of light energy, to damaged tissues in the body. Exposure to these photons helps to increase circulation of fluids; helping oxygenate and deliver nutrients and blood cells to the injured tissues. In addition, Laser Therapy stimulates the damaged tissues at a cellular level to help increase the ability for that tissue to heal.

When the emitted energy penetrates the mitochondria of the cell it stimulates it into making additional energy molecules for the damaged cell to use in its healing process. Adenosine Tri-phosphate is the basic fuel molecule that our body uses as energy. This substance is needed to maintain all functions of our body. The more Adenosine Triphospahte our tissue has built up, the more that will be available for tissue repair and regeneration.

At Affective Chiropractic it is common for Laser Therapy to be added to an active treatment plan in addition to other chiropractic and physical therapies. Laser Therapy is unique in its ability to reduce inflammation in a quick and painless treatment.

Short Video showing how laser therapy works

Common Uses for Laser Therapy

Sprain /Strain Injuries • Inflammation Reduction • Arthritis Tendonitis • TMJ • Carpal Tunnel • Plantar Fasciitis • Chronic Pain • Pre & Post Surgery • Alternative to Medication • Fibromyalgia • Headaches • Diabetic Neuropathy • Shoulder Pain Bursitis • Frozen Shoulder • Sprained Ankle • Knee Pain •Scar Tissue

Cold laser Therapy in Rochester Hills

What are the Side Effects of Laser Therapy?

There are very few side effects when utilizing Therapeutic Lasers. The lasers used in our office are safe, non Toxic and drug free. There are a few necessary precautions that need to be considered during every treatment. Lasers can cause damage to the sensitive tissues of the eyes. Special glasses are worn during each treatment .

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